About Us

The Committee for Urban Renewal is a Political Action Committee (PAC) focused on improving the quality of life for all citizens in the city of Rochester, especially those with little to no voice. Everyday decisions are made on behalf of our citizens that impact their lives daily. Whether it be for lack of interest or lack of knowing how to participate, their lives are directly influenced. We will help restore communities that foster safe playing areas for our children, promote neighbor interactions, address school inequalities through education reform and allocate dollars to the economic uplifting of communities through a needs based investment strategy. Far too long our voice has been scattered, fragmented and ignored while our surrounding towns thrived economically and educationally. The Committee for Urban Renewal will fight as a unified organization to improve the urban living experience for everyone in Rochester.

Pictured in photo above: Harrison Underwood, Francine Scott,Iris Eddington, Jimmie Eddington, Juanita Reeves, Mary Lawrence, Mazi Bakari, Akil Manning, Ron Williams, Robin Williams, Tracy Williams

Missing from photo: Akilah Collins, Kirk Robinson, Kristen Troupe-Rogers